Today I saw your face and I lost my breath a little but I didn’t collapse like I would have six months ago.

I still miss you sometimes but I’m not drowning anymore and maybe they were right when they said it gets better (via extrasad)

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No sugardaddies. No sugar mamas. No sugarbabies. Full socialism in romantic relationships. There are only sugarcomrades.

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Last Year of College? Forget the Job Hunt and Start Freelancing Instead



You have no idea how excited I am to get to write for Brazen Careerist. Penelope Trunk’s original book, Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, literally helped me get my first really good job. 

So now I get to share what I know with other young people who are just getting started.

I salute this advice, I agree with this advice, though it is a very singular kind of advice, I took it myself and now I”m getting paid to write about Pretty Little Liars, gelato, skincare and perfume from the comfort of my own home and pay all my bills!!!! HAHAHAHAAH!!!!